Helping Kids Play

As a former professional athlete, the goal is no different than when I played. It was always to reach back and give to someone in need. Whether it be a charity or family organization that could benefit from my success. The intent was always the same. Advance humanity give people hope and a chance to accomplish their dreams. For every home run that I hit I would donate $1000 to the inner city of Pittsburgh. This contribution was to benefit at risk youth and their families. Along with providing computers and building resumes for their parents as well so they too can achieve great things. Now retired I still look to provide opportunities for youth. Helping Kids Play is being developed to help provide resources to purchase equipment, uniforms, transportation and tournament fees. All the things that keep youth programs from thriving. Through Aluzzion Sports teams will have a way to sell sports content to help them play sports. Aluzzion Sports has multiple video packages that can be sold to “Uncle Bob” the golfer or “Aunt Shelly” who plays tennis on the weekends amongst others. Through a simple Team Promo Code 50% of their sell will go directly to their team and one step closer to your financial goal. A simple email blast to your contacts may have you and your team suited up and ready to travel!